How To Write An Investment Banking Resume That Will Get You All The Interviews

If you plan on getting into investment banking, you might already know how hard it is to get the job. Thousands of competitors try their luck every recruiting season, and you will have to do your best to beat them all. To do this, you will need a resume that catches the investment banker’s attention […]

Investment Banking Interview – This Is What You Should Do

After all of the hard work you’ve done to keep your grades up, build up your resume, and network your butt off, you’ve finally landed that elusive investment banking interview. There’s just one last hurdle before you can have that job offer in hand; this is the culmination of everything you’ve been working towards your […]

It doesn’t matter if it’s Las Vegas, you get your study in!

Yes. Vegas is for having fun, sure. But if you’re preparing for a test/exam, you gotta get your study in. You need to make sure that you are on top of everything while still having fun. Because let’s be honest, it’s all about time management and cutting out distractions. The moment you do that, you’ll […]